Van Nuys Japanese Garden

Last Sunday, the wife and I and the kids went for a ride. We climbed into the SUV and went to breakfast at a cute little place in the heart of Van Nuys Japanese Garden called The Horseless Carriage. Such a nice atmosphere for everyone and a lovely breakfast of waffles and turkey sausage. Yum. The kids read the funny papers and my wife and I discussed what we wanted to do the rest of the day.

Car Fun in Van Nuys

One of our frustrations is our backyard. She wants to plant roses and vegetables and I want to grow some cactus. I like a good Sequoia now and then. After all, I grew up in the desert; just outside of Phoenix. In the midst of all this discussion, we ran into a couple we knew who were going to something called The Japanese Gardens. I never heard of it, and neither did my wife. Certainly not our kids, who by now were tearing up the funny pages and having a righteous old laugh. I Googled Japanese Gardens Van Nuys Japanese Garden and voila! What an extraordinary day we had.

Who KNEW a garden could be fun

The Japanese Gardens are located at 6100 Woodley, just south of Victory Boulevard. The entire place features two main things: Lanterns and trees. From the Weeping Peach to the Cherry; the trees at The Japanese Gardens are enchanting as any you’d find on earth. This August 6 is the Tanabata Festival, a “Japanese star festival” which celebrates the meeting of two mythical lovers who come together once a year to grant blessings. Frankly, both me and the Mrs. were quite surprised that the children had a great time too. And, all this, located on the grounds of the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant.

Able Auto We Buy Cars

Who knew this type of oasis, this type of “tourist attraction” would be hiding in Van Nuys Japanese Garden. When we got home, with fresh new eyes given to us by this earthly experience, I decided to finally get ride of the clunker that’s been gathering dust in the driveway. I was tired and it was a very long day – but what the heck.

I got some sleep and the following morning, I called a company called Able Auto We Buy Cars. We loved them from the git-go because of their name. Said everything I was looking for. And, indeed they came through for me. Within an hour of calling, they sent over a nice professional representative who handed me cash and all I had to do was sign some paperwork and hand over the keys. Done.

Sayonara Carolla

As we watched our 1998 Toyota Carolla being driven away, my wife turned to me and said: “Guess what we’re having for dinner?” You guessed it. Sushi. A lovely Japanese theme day in the heart of Van Nuys Japanese Garden.


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